Covid 19


Our nation struggles to combat an invisible enemy that has claimed the lives of over 500,000 Americans. As we approach the 1  year anniversary of the lockdown as a result of Covid-19, we have hope on the horizon with the anticipation of increased vaccinations coming to the County. With the introduction of the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine, the number of available doses per day should dramatically increase and individuals on the waiting list will finally be able to get their vaccination. In the meantime, individuals should continue safe practices as outlined by the CDC to include:

  • wearing a face mask,

  • wash your hands regularly

  • limit your interactions, as much as possible, to individuals that live in the home with you

  • maintain the appropriate 6 feet of social distancing in all activities and interactions

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From our family to our friends, the challenges that individuals in society face in the area of mental health are significant and know no bounds. No person, no economic status, nor race, can inoculate an individual from the challenges of mental illness. To this extent, mental health awareness has been a cornerstone of my political platform since 2018. I have actively worked with the Department of Social Services, the Department of Aging, and the Community Services Board to identify resources and opportunities to bring more services in the area of mental health and mental health awareness to Prince William County. Currently, I am looking to identify resources to cover a Crisis Stabilization Unit to support individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. This will continue to be a top priority for me during my tenure as your Supervisor.

House Frames


How do we continue to grow our County with young families, first responder families, and short-term military personnel? Workable housing units. Prince William County has several opportunities to explore and engage in strategic, managed growth across the County. As a County, we should continue to explore workable housing to ensure that there is a place for all families that want to work here, can also live here.

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There are significant opportunities for the County to flourish in the area of commercial development while ensuring smart growth through effective land use. It is time for the County to rethink our policies and practices in regards to commercial development and land use and recognize that development, in all areas, is not, necessarily a bad thing as long as it is deliberative, environmentally conscious, and is for the betterment of the whole of the County, not just the benefit of a few.


Over the past 15 years, the traffic throughout the County has increased tremendously. From the expansion of the areas in the Western corridor of the County, to the widening of Route 1, and the parking lot otherwise known as Rt. 66, due to the incredible population growth of the area, the traffic has steadily increased to almost unbearable levels. That is why it is necessary for the County to continue to investigate and incorporate sound, fiscally responsible traffic analyses that take into consideration the communities that surround traffic epicenters, optimal ways to ease congestion and bottleneck in specific areas, and methods to minimize traffic interference when repairs or upgrades are necessary.

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Accounting Documents


As one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, that over the past 15 years has experienced significant growth and expansion in population, new home construction, and commercial land use, Prince William County is beset with the challenges faced by many localities in similar circumstances; balance the taxes of the citizens while ensuring the services, needs, and debt service of the County is met. These issues are not unique to PWC, but the way in which we look to remedy these challenges will make the difference between a BOCS that continues to tax our residents and one that explores alternative and innovative ways to increase revenue coming into the County.



There are no perfect communities, because society is not perfect nor are individuals. Prince William County has experienced its share of Racial and Social challenges over the past several years. However, as a County it has taken positive steps to change the dialogue around these issues and employ policies and standards to address these issues when they have occurred. The development and implementation of the Racial and Social Justice Commission is one step in that direction and demonstrates a commitment of the County to face, head-on, some of the most difficult challenges facing society today. Furthermore, continued conversations regarding a Citizens Review Board are also ways in which PWC continues to recognize the challenges it faces, and to address them head-on.